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[ The Free State Project - The best solution yet!]

[ Christian Answers ]

[ Karl_Kleinpaste's ] excellent page detailing his 16+ month correspondance w/the IRS. This guy did a great job of documenting his actions. Very valuable information here!

[ Doug's Page of Quotations - Freedom and America ] is a great job of piling up evidence and thoughts that people need to be thinking! My favorite one?Why should my liberty be restricted by another man's conscience? -- I Corinthians, 10:29. Now does that say it or does that say it??

[ The Libertarian Party ] Many people don't understand what the Libertarians stand for. Trust me, if you find the information on my pages interesting or in agreement w/your views, you are probably a Libertarian. They are on permenant ballot status in 23 States, and growing every year. The sooner people realize this, the sooner we can all get back to enjoying our country. (Btw when you wake up to the fact that the Democrates & Republicans have only been pandering for your vote, you'll appreciate the Libertarian Party.)

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